Kendra’s Speech

Posted by Phil on Mar 2, 2010 in Family News

Kendra participated in the speech competition at her school. She finished in second. Cindy captured the event on our digital camera.


Friday update – Cindy is home!

Posted by Phil on Jan 8, 2010 in Family News, Phil's Thoughts
I brought Cindy at home at around 3 pm this afternoon. She promptly fell asleep. Its hard to get good rest in a hospital so this is really good for her.
The Dr said that she has some heart disease (apparently we all do, we just don’t know it). The pain she felt was probably due to some inflammation near her heart and that she didn’t exhibit the symptoms of a typical heart attack. Due to the blood test showing some heart damage they had to check further. Now that they have found something to take care of, they are going after it. She’s going to be on some cholesterol medication and some blood thinners for the next month at least until there is a better chance to evaluate it.
She’s going have to take it pretty easy for the next couple of days. She’s been told she can’t drive for a week. I guess that makes me a chauffeur.
Thanks for all the prayers everyone. Cindy also really appreciated getting the emails in the hospital.


Allan and Donna Kay Sing

Posted by Phil on Jan 7, 2010 in Family News, Phil's Thoughts

Okay, for a little change of pace here is a youtube video of my mom and dad signing at their home church of Pineview Free Methodist in Cloyne, ON. Its not the greatest quality, but hey, not bad for a cell phone.



Thursday evening update on Cindy

Posted by Phil on Jan 7, 2010 in Family News, Phil's Thoughts

Cindy had her angiogram this evening. We are so glad to finally get this test done. We still haven’t talked to a Doctor, but the nurse in the recovery room gave us the low-down on the results. There is a blockage of a minor artery (3rd diagonal if I remember correctly) that is significant. However, due to the minor nature of the artery, there will probably not be any surgery to take care of it. There is another minor blockage in a larger artery, but it too is not something overly concerning. According to the nurse, probably 70% of the population has blockages similar but they don’t know it.

We expect that treatment will at most include medication and at least a change in exercise and healthier food choices. They have also said she’ll have to take it easy for the next little while. They didn’t really define that at this point, that decision will be left up more to the Doctor.

We’re really relieved that it isn’t more serious. We’re also glad we know what we’re dealing with. That makes it easier to figure out what happens next. She’s going to spend at least tonight in the hospital. They probably would have released her tonight but the angiogram happened too late to let her out. Of course, her discharge is really up to the doctor, but the nurse expected she’ll be out tomorrow. We’ll see.


Thursday afternoon Cindy update

Posted by Phil on Jan 7, 2010 in Family News, Phil's Thoughts

I was finally in the room when I doctor came by so I could hear the situation in first person. He was very professional and encouraging.

Cindy is in kind of waiting state right now. The ultrasounds show that her heart is operating normally. Her EKG and blood pressure seem to be doing a lot better as well. She said that she hasn’t really felt any pain today and we’re glad for that. However, the blood test shows that there is a higher level than normal of dead heart cells. He said average was around 0.15 and that heart attack patients register in the 30’s and Cindy has a reading around 1 or 1.5. If that number came down, she would be home now.

They are planning on doing an angiogram to see for themselves if the heart is doing well. If so, then she goes home. Cindy has been on-call for the angiogram since this morning. However, other sicker people keeping jumping ahead of her in the line. (Of course that’s not literal. The people in the cardiac ward rarely doing any jumping.) I’ve watched other people come in and get moved quickly to surgery. I’ve seen others get discharged before Cindy. It seems that we just have to wait until we get the results of an angiogram. Until that happens, she’ll be staying in the hospital.

She is working on crossword puzzles and I just gave her a sudoku book. And a pencil. With an eraser. Prior to getting that she was doing everything with a crayon. That’s courage – no erasing.

Anyway, here’s hoping that she gets in for the angiogram soon and that everything checks out okay.

Thanks again for all your prayers. If you want to send Cindy a message, you can fill out the form at http://www.southlakeregional.org/patientemail.html and someone prints out the email and delivers it to her room. She got one today and really enjoyed it.


Thursday morning update on Cindy

Posted by Phil on Jan 7, 2010 in Family News, Phil's Thoughts


I don’t really have that much to report. Cindy hasn’t seen a doctor yet today so no news on new developments or when she gets to come home. I can say that they have started her on some pain medication to help her out a bit. It helped her sleep pretty well last night. The good night’s rest was really beneficial and she seemed to be in a really good mood this morning. Just really hungry. Even for hospital food.

Hopefully she’ll get to see the Doctor soon and we’ll update you then. Thanks to all the visitors who have stopped by. Cindy really enjoyed your visits. Keep praying that everything continues to progress well.



Good news for Cindy

Posted by Phil on Jan 6, 2010 in Family News, Phil's Thoughts


With a big sigh of relief and a huge prayer of thanks, we’ve made it through this day. Cindy spent a long time with the cardiologist and he said that all of the tests they have been running have been coming back good. The only bad results are the chest pains, the EKG and the blood test from yesterday. So the cardiologist is beginning to believe that this is merely a virus that has landed in her heart and causing these symptoms. The virus will clear up by itself and she’ll be as good as new.

They are going to monitor her for another night and if the pains continue, they will do a cardiogram to rule out any blockages.So we’re pretty happy with this news. While we’re not out of the woods, yet, at least the news is mostly positive. This has had a great effect on Cindy. She had a lot more energy this evening and I believe will get a good night’s sleep. If all goes well, its possible she may be discharged tomorrow.

Cindy’s family doctor stopped in while the kids and I were there and she raved about the cardiology department at the hospital Cindy is in. The Doctor said this might be one of the best cardio hospitals in Canada. Again, that helps us feel good about making it through this.

I want to thank everyone everywhere for all their prayers and well wishes. It has truly been appreciated.

Stay tuned for even more details.



Cindy’s Trip to the Hospital

Posted by Phil on Jan 6, 2010 in Family News, Phil's Thoughts


I spent most of the afternoon with Cindy. She is pretty tired. Its hard to sleep in a hospital especially when you don’t really know all that’s going on.

What we do know is that they are running a lot of tests on her. Last night, she had her blood tested a couple of times and a few more times today. This was the first test that let us know that this was a little more serious than indigestion or dehydration. Apparently, the test indicated that some damage had been done to the heart, but that’s all we knew.

Later on, she had a CT scan of her heart and they let us know that everything looked good with it. However, they were concerned that her blood pressure was kind of high as were her heart rate. After discussing things that’s when they decided to admit her.

Today, she has had an ultrasound done on her heart and also on her legs. She was going for another diagnostic as I left this afternoon that was nuclear. She was hoping to get superpowers afterwards. Anyway, I guess they have determined that her heart isn’t operating at a 100% level but they still aren’t clear as to the cause. At least that’s what I’ve picked up so far.

The doctors have put her on some medication (blood thinners, I think) for the time being but haven’t said much more than that on medication. They have also mentioned that they might consider an angioplasty if necessary but are waiting for the results from all of the tests.

I hesitate to say much more because I really don’t know much more than that. The Doctors are being careful in what they say but seem to be taking all precautions to make sure that she will be alright. As far as I can tell, she’s not getting discharged right away.

She’s taking this pretty well, but keeps commenting on how she is the youngest person in the cardio area. Its not necessarily true, but it seems like it. I brought her some DVD’s so hopefully she can keep herself occupied a little better when she doesn’t have visitors or phone calls. It really helps to keep her mind off the situation.

Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes, they are certainly appreciated.



2009 Christmas in Bradford

Posted by Phil on Dec 31, 2009 in Family News

This year we hosted Christmas at our new house in Gilford. It has been a lot of fun having nearly everyone here. We ate a lot (that seems to be a theme). Some new walls got built. Phil’s nephews helped with insulating the house so we don’t have to heat the house as much.

We got to see the Olympic Torch relay and opened a lot of presents. Oh, and the boys played a lot of XBox. We had a great time. Brian even got to wear a pair of giant horns to celebrate his birthday.

As always, find pictures in our Photo Album.


Thanksgiving in Ithaca

Posted by Phil on Dec 31, 2009 in Family News

As we have mentioned before, we love having both Canadian and American Thanksgiving celebrations. We went down to Ithaca, NY to Cindy’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving with her family.

Of course we did a little geocaching, ate some turkey and had fun with family. The kids built an interesting fort with their cousin Chris.

For pictures, check out the Photo Album.

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