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New Pictures in Gallery

Okay, so its been longer than I planned, but I now have a few more pictures up in our gallery.

You can see pictures of our old house in Bradford and our new house in Gilford as we moved on September, 18, 2009. Click for album.

You can also see pictures of Javen’s birthday dinner at Montana’s. He loved the hat. See pictures.

I hope you enjoy them.

A Couple More Updates to the Photo Galleries

Last Friday, Kendra played in her first Volleyball tournament. The Fieldcrest Falcons finished third in their pool of four. However, they won their quarter-final game pretty easily and met the Fred C. Cook Flames in the semis. The powerhouse Fred C. was undefeated entering the semis. The Falcons beat the Flames in three games and Kendra got to play in the Finals! They won the first game, but lost the next two to finish in second place. Kendra got a medal! Pictures in the Photo Gallery.

Phil and the kids packed up after the tournament and headed for Cloyne. We had a great weekend playing in the leaves and geocaching. We cached near Meyer’s Cave and Flinton. As always, pictures are in the Photo Gallery. By the time the weekend was done, we had crossed the 900 mark!

Big Birthday at Splashy's

Wow, I’m kind of late on this one. This year Cindy decided that it would be best if both kids shared a big birthday party. So she booked Splashy’s for some fun in the water and the play area.

Both kids brought lots of friends and everyone had a great time. I was surprised how fast 3 1/2 hours with 20 screaming kids went by. I have begun putting up pictures in the Photo Gallery.

Lego Mania!!!

While visiting my Mom and Dad this summer the kids really got into building with the Lego.  Their biggest achievement was to build a free standing tower that reached from the floor to the ceiling.  They had to elicit some grown-up help (Daddy and Grandma) to succeed in their task.  Kendra went on to build a house with all the inner details one can create with the mid-size Lego.  Fun was had by all!

Christmas in Cloyne

Christmas in the country is truly something to be cherished.  No cell phones, limited email (so slow that its not worth trying) and family all over.  Lots of snow for sledding and shoveling. Lots of time to play games talk. Lots of presents to open. We had a really good time.

We found a few geocaches.  Hid a few, too. Got to explore more of the old stomping grounds. We watched a Belleville Bulls hockey game. Even Eddie behaved himself pretty well.

Check out photos in the Photo Albums.

Quick Updates

Daryl and Sam - Engaged!I realized I haven’t written anything in a while. I also realized we’ve had some big news from the family.

Daryl is getting married! He and Samantha will be married on July 21, 2007. We’re all excited about another trip to California. I bugged Daryl because I found out about the engagement first on Facebook. How millenial of him. 🙂 The picture is stolen from an Facebook album that they posted. I hope they don’t mind.