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Ottawa Senators Game

On March 15, 2007 I took my dad to Ottawa to watch the Sens beat the NY Islanders 5-1. It was a lot of fun. You can check out pictures in our Photo Album. A couple of interesting notes:

  1. Every time Alexei Yashin touched the puck for the Islanders he was booed. He was traded from the Sens for asking for more money and sitting out most a season. They still hold a grudge.
  2. We got to see Ryan Smyth and Richard Park play. They are a couple of guys I watched a lot in 1994 when I was doing stats for the Moose Jaw Warriors and the Belleville Bulls.
  3. The Senators set a club record by scoring 3 goals in 76 seconds in the 3rd period. The announcer couldn’t keep up as the goals were coming too fast.
  4. Oh yeah, check out the hat my dad is wearing.

Click on the Read More link to see a few video clips I took with my camera, too:


Farewell Uncle Floyd (re-post)

(I have reposted this article and deleted all comments. I was getting unusual spam traffic directed at this post for some reason. I hope that deleting the old article and reposting it here will stop that undesirable traffic.)

My Uncle Floyd passed away this week and I’ll be going to the funeral on Saturday. Please pray for grieving family, however, its a time of celebration as well as another faithful servant has been welcomed home. He will definitely be missed.

There is a chance you might know him. My uncle was the patriarch of the “Snider Family” that sang in many Churches and camps particularly in Eastern Ontario in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. While this is a sad time, I’m looking forward to the singing during the service. I think it will be as close to the choirs of the heavenly host as I’ll experience in my time here on earth.

I don’t know if anyone told me this before, but the Snider Family even appeared on the “Tommy Hunter Show” in 1973.

It's Official – Kevin Announces he's seeking nomination

Today Kevin released his official announcement.

NEWS RELEASE – For immediate publication

Belleville broadcaster bids for Prince Edward-Hastings Provincial Progressive Conservative Nomination

Belleville, Ont. (December 21, 2006) – Belleville broadcaster, Kevin Kay, has officially announced his intention to seek the provincial Progressive Conservative nomination for the electoral district of Prince Edward-Hastings.


The Next Hulk Hogan?

I just saw this email from my nephew Stuart:

Hi every one I went to my first wrestling tournament for this year today and got a silver metal. I wrestled 5 people, and I beat 3 by a pin in the first round, 1 by pin in the second round. I lost the gold only by points in the third round. It was the most tiring day of my life. So that was my day today and I got the metal to prove it.

love ya


Good job, Stu.  Congratulations

Javen's Big Surprise for Daddy

I had just returned from a two-day trip to Binghamton, NY with the Tyndale Men’s Basketball team where I did the live play by play for the Tyndale Internet Music Station.  The first thing that Javen did was to announce that he had a surprise for me.

First of all he said that he is going to watch hockey with me on TV from now on. That’s a great surprise. I like watching hockey and I’d like to watch it with my family.

Then he said that he wasn’t going to wear any of my “hockey shirts” anymore. He got one of his own. Today he modeled it for me. Imagine my disappointment as a die-hard Senators fan when I saw this:

Javen Toronto Maple Leaf