Weekend Caching

Posted by Phil on Apr 20, 2010 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts

I have gone weekend caching with some friends. It has been quite an experience and RCA777 commemorated it with the description for GC26KHV Be Quiet, Silly Donkey in the following way:

1 x Exploded Port-a-Potty (see Mr Filk and Juicepig for details)
1 x Tailbone bruising along Swift Rapids Road for Mr. Filk
1 x Not-So Savage Puppy Running Interference for Juicepig
1 x Abandoned And Smoldering Chevrolet Blazer (seriously, it was a Blazer)
0 x Bodies
1 x Juicepig “stuck” at “Only A Single Body Found While Caching” which is a good thing
1 x Called The Police While Caching
2 x Savage Dogs barking at Juicepig
1 x Waymark of a Canadian Geodetic Survey Marker
1 x Police Report
1 x Meet Fingers Crossed On The Road!
4 x Get Up At Stupid O’Clock To Go Caching
1 x Juicepig answering Homeland Security questions perfectly
1 x Juicepig, Swifteroo, Mr Filk being detained while RCA777 gets his fingerprints taken by Homeland Security. Again….
1 x RCA777 paying $6 to get into the U.S. Again….
1 x RCA777 asked by Homeland Security Officer… “The Red Car.. The License Plate…. What’s A -Juicepig-?
12 x Earthcaches
1 x Awesome Super Mega Cool Fabulous Stupendous Flame Behind A Waterfall
8 x Wet Feet
1 x Mr Filk Almost Swimming
3 x Others Chuckling
1 x Trip To The Home Of THE Buffalo Wing
50 x Wings Ordered
440 x Steps Leading Down To An Earthcache
4,400,400 x Steps Getting Back Up From The Earthcache
1 x Uninhabitable Area Due To Chemical Seepage Earthcache
1 x Discovery That You Can Build Your Own Earthcache; All You Need Is A Big Yellow Digger!
1 x Stopped By The Police While Caching
1 x Juicepig self deprecation attempt
1 x Explanation E-Mail To Webcam Cache Owner
1 x Juicepig Qualification For An FTF Challenge Cache
1 x Canada Border Patrol Question
1 x Juicepig Momentary Hearing Loss
1 x Juicepig Answering A Question That CBP Has Not Yet Asked In Lieu Of The Question That Was Asked
1 x CBP Lady With A Gun Gets Assertive
1 x Juicepig Eloquently Answers All Remaining Questions
0 x Anything To Declare
1 x Juicepig, Swifteroo,Mr Filk and RCA777 being allowed back into Canada anyway
4 x Squealing Tires Before They Change Their Mind
1 x GSAK session trying to determine which Letterbox none of us have done
9 x Caching icons in a day (Benchmark, Wherigo, Webcam, Virtual, Earthcache, Trad, Mystery, Letterbox, Multi)
1 x Realization That There Is An Event That Would Be The 10th Icon, But It’s Unlikely They’ll Be There At 11pm…
3 x Understanding Spouses
4 x Happy and Tired Cachers

Yes, that about sums it up. Pictures are HERE and HERE.


Caching with Juicepig

Posted by Phil on Apr 13, 2010 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts

This past weekend was kind of crazy. A fellow cacher, Juicepig, decided it would be good to go on an earthcache run. We got to see lots of cool things including an exploded portapotty and a still burning SUV. Oh yeah, we geocached, too. I feel properly educated about the geology in Muskoka.

My pics are in the photoalbum. Juicepig has some on his flickr page.


Geocaching with our guests from Mexico

Posted by Phil on Apr 5, 2009 in Geocaching

Today was such a beautiful day so we decided to go geocaching. We wanted to get some in before the snow starts tomorrow. Ugh. Anyway, it was a pretty good day except the mud. Smart people would have worn boots. Well, at least smart people would have put on the boots that they brought with them. Not so smart people would bring boots and leave them in the van.

We had Patti and Ale visiting us from Mexico so we took them out by the Humber river for geocaching. It was a nice hike, even though we only picked up about 3 caches. We also got to go near the McMichael Art Gallery and saw an inukshuk. Later on we spotted a dead coyote near our parking spot. Quite a variance in views.

Pictures are in the Photo Album.


Zoo and Geocache #1300

Posted by Phil on Apr 5, 2009 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts

Yesterday, the girls decided they wanted to go shopping. So Javen and I made it a guys day out. We went to the Toronto Zoo and geocached. Eric, a coworker of Phil is a volunteer at the zoo and was an excellent resource. He has tons of fascinating zoo stories.

We also picked up our 1300th geocache near the Rouge River. It was very cool.

All the pictures are in our Photo Album.


Caching Spree

Posted by Phil on Dec 1, 2008 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts

Okay, I should write a ton more than I am about to, but I hope to get back to it soon.  But anyways, the Filk Team recently went on a caching spree. We set the following personal records:

Hit 1000 Caches – #1000 came on the Vennard College campus in Oskaloosa, IA

Hit 1100 Caches – #1100 came just north of Ithaca, NY

Most caches in a month – 179 (our previous best was 112)

Most caches in a week – 111 (our previous best was 53)

Fastest 100 finds – 6 days (our previous best was 18 days)

Most finds in a day – 23 (our previous best was 21)

We added 11 states to our list of “states we have cached in.”

Here is the before picture:

States we cached in before Nov 2008

And now here is the map as of today:

States we have cached in through Nov 2008


A Couple More Updates to the Photo Galleries

Posted by Phil on Oct 20, 2008 in Family News, Geocaching

Last Friday, Kendra played in her first Volleyball tournament. The Fieldcrest Falcons finished third in their pool of four. However, they won their quarter-final game pretty easily and met the Fred C. Cook Flames in the semis. The powerhouse Fred C. was undefeated entering the semis. The Falcons beat the Flames in three games and Kendra got to play in the Finals! They won the first game, but lost the next two to finish in second place. Kendra got a medal! Pictures in the Photo Gallery.

Phil and the kids packed up after the tournament and headed for Cloyne. We had a great weekend playing in the leaves and geocaching. We cached near Meyer’s Cave and Flinton. As always, pictures are in the Photo Gallery. By the time the weekend was done, we had crossed the 900 mark!


The Streak is Over

Posted by Phil on Jun 3, 2008 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts

While we were in St. John’s, Newfoundland we decided to see if we could pick up at least one geocache per day.  The streak lasted until June 1, 2008.  It lasted more than 80 days. Should we start a new streak and see if we break our old record?


500th Geocache!

Posted by Phil on Apr 6, 2008 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts

500th GeocacheToday we hit a big milestone in geocaching terms. Number D. (That’s Latin for 500.)

As we were approaching this we started thinking about what cache would make a good #500. We chose the 2nd oldest cache in Ontario. Its called “Bending Tree” and is about 20 minutes north of Barrie, ON. We chose it because it wasn’t that far away. It would take a bit of hike to get into it. Its old (as far as geocaches go).

We really earned this cache. It was a 1.25 km hike through the snow. Lots of the time we could walk on top of the snow, but frequently we broke through the top crust and found ourselves up to our knees in wet snow. Okay, I’ll admit that I found this pretty funny. But Cindy, Kendra and Javen tired of it after a while.

Kendra found the actual cache itself. We released a couple of travel bugs that are going to race to Dublin, California. With Travel Bugs, other geocachers will pick up these little items and move them from cache to cache and we get to watch where they go.

I really enjoyed the hike in the woods, the memories of the snow and ice and warming ourselves on a picnic bench about halfway back. It could have been easier if we did this later in the year when all the snow was gone, but it really helped to make it more memorable.

Pictures as always, are available in our Photo Albums.


GPS Tech Talk

Posted by Phil on Feb 4, 2008 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts

A few weeks ago, I decided to add a second GPS Receiver to our holdings. We had the old Magellan add-on to a Handspring that my brother Dave had given me. It, by the way, is the absolute best way to do paperless geocaching. A Palm and GPS all in one.

However, Cindy and I both like to cache and its hard to do when only one person has the GPS unit. So we decided to get a new one. I went to Walmart and picked up a Magellan Explorist 210. It had pretty good geocaching features. I figured between that and my Blackberry I had everything I would need. It was okay, but I decided to take it back because Walmart had the new Magellan Triton on sale for the same price.

Stay away from the Triton if you geocache. First of all, the software to manage geocache waypoints is pretty bad. It requires significant resources on your computer. It only works on Windows (which is really bad for me as a Linux user.). It takes forever to transfer the points to the unit. But that’s not the worst part.

I decided to put 200 geocache waypoints onto the Triton. That took about 30 minutes. It takes less than 20 seconds on my Handspring or the Explorist. Then the Triton became unusable. It took 5 minutes to pull up the map. It took another 5 minutes to pull up the geocache list. Every time I switched screens it took forever. After a bit of Internet research, I found that others had the same problems.

Then I found out the real reason – apparently this thing runs a version of Windows. Ah, that would explain the poor memory management and the horrible software requirements. I took it back and got the Explorist again. I don’t dislike Windows because of a philosophy. I have developed a philosophy through my use of Windows.


My brother let me know that I didn’t tell the end of the story.  I returned the Triton and got the Explorist 210 again.  What was even more funny was Walmart didn’t wipe the unit clean before putting it on display again, so I bought my old one with some of my waypoints still on it!


Geocaching Hazards and January Geocaching Pictures

Posted by Phil on Feb 4, 2008 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts

We went geocaching yesterday.  Imagine that.  The day before I had listened to a podcast that outlined all of the things you should take with you while geocaching.  We didn’t take any of those things with us.  One thing in particular that they mentioned was “eye protection”.

So, while I was trying to jump over a small stream, I got hit in the eye with a branch.  Apparently its just a scratch and will heal okay over the next couple of days, but it will remind me to wear my big old sunglasses in the future.

I’ve also added some pictures from January geocaching to our photo album.  The pictures include an old bridge in Newmarket (one of the first re-inforced concrete structures in Ontario), a geocaching get-together and some forest shots.

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