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Javen's Birthday Party

Saturday, September 22 was a very loud day.  Javen hosted his birthday party.  With 7 of his friends arriving to have a sports-themed party there was lot of yelling and cheering.

Everyone had a lot of fun playing baseball, soccer baseball, soccer and we wrapped it up with a rousing game of road hockey that ended in a tie. Then it was back to the house where the boys wrestled and generally roughed it up all over the house.

Javen got a big surprise when we went into the backyard to break a pinata. He wasn’t expecting a pinata this year, but his terrific mom came through.  This one didn’t break easily so it ended up being pitched and batted.

Three of Javen’s cousins were here as well.  Adam, Stuart and Trevor played right along with the younger boys and seemed to take great joy in beating 7 year-olds in sports.

After the pinata, everyone had pizza and then Javen opened up his presents.  The day ended with cake and ice cream.  Yeah, after a day of running around everyone needed a shot of sugar to keep the energy up. (Not really, energy seemed to be pretty high throughout the day.)

Pictures are in our Photo Album.

Eddie's Perch

Eddie and JavenOn the way home after spending the weekend at Wesley Acres, everyone was pretty tired. Javen fell asleep almost immediately. That didn’t stop Eddie from jumping up on Javen’s lap so that he could look out the window better. Here is a picture to capture the event.

Geocaching Pictures

GeocachingWe took a few pictures when we went geocaching. You can check them out in our Photo Gallery. These were from our second day. We took some friends along with us as well.

Some pictures show the kids all soaking wet. They’re still smiling, though. I was really proud of everyone as they kept up a great attitude. We’re really looking forward to going back to find the cache as well as finding new and interesting places.

As Cindy said, we all really enjoyed the outing. It is rewarding in lots of ways:

  • The thrill of the hunt
  • The thrill of finding
  • The thrill of driving
  • The benefit of fresh air
  • The community that seems to be behind


We did it! We are now official geocachers! Now you might ask, what is geocaching??? I’m not totally sure, but I’ll tell you about or experiences of yesterday and today. First let me lay the foundation to this whole process. Philip received a GPS from his brother, David. Philip went online and found a site that is devoted to geocaching. He set up a profile, logged on and received coordinates for hidden “treasures” around the Bradford area. We enter in the coordinates into the GPS and use it as a guide to find the hidden containers.

Yesterday we drove about 5 minutes to an area of Bradford we had never really explored. It was great being out in the country. The weather was beautiful!!! The lilacs were in full bloom and fragrance, and we were on a mission. Using the GPS is a bit tricky – knowing how to read and understand the numbers. We found our first container. It was cool reading the log book and finding out that the kid’s babysitter was the one to hide the cache (container). Anyway, we’re all hooked! On Saturday night I printed off 22 more caches to find in the area.

Official Role Change

Today its official. I’m officially named the “Senior Director of Admissions & Marketing”. This is a dramatic move for me and one that I am quite excited about. Here is an excerpt from the memo:

Phil Kay will serve as Senior Director, Admissions and Marketing and have leadership for the following:

  • Alignment: Ensure that both functions are converged and aligned to support the enrollment strategy
  • Messaging: Create and implement a common brand message focus that supports the enrollment strategy.

Kendra at Church

I found another video while digging around. This one is Kendra at our Church. The kids lead a part of the worship service once per month. They sing, they demonstrate an object lesson, they pray. Its great and I’m glad that Kendra is a part of it. Click on “Read More” to see the video.


Javen Flexing His Head

Okay, since I have been looking at all of our pictures during the move to the new photo software, I found this little nugget that I have to share with everyone. Do you remember how Javen used to “flex his whole head?” Well, now you can all watch it over and over again:

For a larger view of the video, check out Google Video.

Oh Yeah, you can also celebrate with us our 100th post!

New Photo Gallery

I have now integrated our photo albums into this site. So at least these two things now act and look similar. There is a rotating picture box on the right side. If you put your mouse over a particular picture, it will stop rotating so you can look at that one picture. And YES! If you click on the picture it will take you to a bigger version so you can see more detail.

It might be pretty slow at first as it is creating new thumbnail pictures. I appreciate your patience, but if you find it unbearable, please let me know.


Kendra's Award

Kendra’s AwardOkay, this is way late, but here it is anyway. Kendra was awarded the “Student of the Month” from her school. This was for the month of January.  She was the one who won it from her class. Way to go, Kendra!

Today she told me she has won these before, but they were given cards instaed of the great big picture.  This one looks better on the fridge.