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Zoo and Geocache #1300

Yesterday, the girls decided they wanted to go shopping. So Javen and I made it a guys day out. We went to the Toronto Zoo and geocached. Eric, a coworker of Phil is a volunteer at the zoo and was an excellent resource. He has tons of fascinating zoo stories.

We also picked up our 1300th geocache near the Rouge River. It was very cool.

All the pictures are in our Photo Album.

Ottawa Trip

A little while ago we decided to visit Ottawa for the weekend.  It was a great trip. We did a lot.

We geocached. Of course.

We toured the Parliament Buildings.

We stayed up late because the kids hockey team and their parents were really loud.

We stayed in Gatineau and remembered we know little French.

We slid on ice slides during Winterlude.

We saw cool ice sculptures.

We had a great time.

We ate beaver tails. Of course.

We took lots of pictures.


We’ve decided to finally go back and digitize some of our old home movies. So we pulled out the old vcr and plugged in some tapes and began creating digital copies of them.

Its a lot of fun to go back and watch these videos. So far we’ve watched a lot of Kendra movies. We watched some of Cindy as she gave a tour of RWC. We haven’t watched any of Javen or Phil, yet.

Once we get them edited, we’ll try to post some excerpts here for all to watch.

Caching Spree

Okay, I should write a ton more than I am about to, but I hope to get back to it soon.  But anyways, the Filk Team recently went on a caching spree. We set the following personal records:

Hit 1000 Caches – #1000 came on the Vennard College campus in Oskaloosa, IA

Hit 1100 Caches – #1100 came just north of Ithaca, NY

Most caches in a month – 179 (our previous best was 112)

Most caches in a week – 111 (our previous best was 53)

Fastest 100 finds – 6 days (our previous best was 18 days)

Most finds in a day – 23 (our previous best was 21)

We added 11 states to our list of “states we have cached in.”

Here is the before picture:

States we cached in before Nov 2008

And now here is the map as of today:

States we have cached in through Nov 2008

Am I a Traitor?

Last night I did something I feel somewhat guilty over. I feel I may have betrayed the country of my birth.

I was watching the Stanley Cup Finals. So far so good. All good Canadians watch this series.

But I watched it on NBC. Not the traditional CBC. Hockey Night in Canada on the CBC is a Canadian tradition. But I watched the American feed. And even worse, I enjoyed it. I thought there were too many promotions, but I kind of expected that. I liked listening to Mike Emrick and Pierre Maguire.

At least I flipped it back to watch “Coaches’ Corner” during the intermissions.

Running the race

Kendra told us she is practicing for track and field day.  (Maybe one day I’ll post about my traumatic experiences surrounding track and field day.)  Anyway, she said she did some long distance running and won her race.

Fantastic.  I think all the geocaching is helping with her endurance.