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It's Official – Kevin Announces he's seeking nomination

Today Kevin released his official announcement.

NEWS RELEASE – For immediate publication

Belleville broadcaster bids for Prince Edward-Hastings Provincial Progressive Conservative Nomination

Belleville, Ont. (December 21, 2006) – Belleville broadcaster, Kevin Kay, has officially announced his intention to seek the provincial Progressive Conservative nomination for the electoral district of Prince Edward-Hastings.


The Next Hulk Hogan?

I just saw this email from my nephew Stuart:

Hi every one I went to my first wrestling tournament for this year today and got a silver metal. I wrestled 5 people, and I beat 3 by a pin in the first round, 1 by pin in the second round. I lost the gold only by points in the third round. It was the most tiring day of my life. So that was my day today and I got the metal to prove it.

love ya


Good job, Stu.  Congratulations

End of an Era

First an update:

We bought the PT Cruiser. Its ours now. It is really comfortable to drive and everyone loves the heated seats.

Now for the end:

We sold the Escort. Cindy and I bought the car in August 1999 from the dealership that Cindy’s father used to work for. We got a pretty good deal for it and it has served us very well. Yesterday, we sold it (through Autotrader) and the guy who bought it told us he’d “Take care of it for us”. 🙂


Mentos and Diet Coke

Last weekend we decided to try out the Mentos and Diet Coke trick. It took us a couple of attempts. No, not that it didn’t work the first times, the Mentos kept getting eaten before we got the Diet Coke. (We apologize that it was shot sideways.)

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

You can see a larger version of this on GoogleVideo.

Bradford Christmas Parade

Kids at the ParadeOn Saturday, November 18, we watched the Bradford Christmas Parade. The town puts on a great parade and we have lots of fun. Every year it sneaks up on us and we have to rush to get there on time.

By “on time” I mean 45 minutes early. This parade gets a lot of people out to watch it and you can chance not getting a good spot.

By “good spot” I mean on the curb. If you’re on the curb you get a much better view.

By “better view” I mean more people give you more candy. I took some pictures this time.

By “some pictures” I mean I snapped a few poorly lit shots before the batteries ran out less than a 1/3 of the way through the parade. If you’re still interested, you can see the pictures in our Photo Album.

By “Photo Album” I mean our collection of pictures available to you on our website.