Snow White's Summer Adventure

Posted by Cindy on Aug 28, 2006 in News

Yesterday we went to the Theatre by the Bay with the kids and watched a production called…Snow White’s Summer Adventure. It’s a musical based upon the story of Snow White but with a few twists. For one there’s a magic disco ball not a magic mirror. The dwarves are 4 cowboys named: Sorry, Tardy (who had a bit of a gas problem), Nosey and Sparky. Also, the queen has a pet skunk! Anyway, the story was cute and the kids really enjoyed it.

OH!!! The prince was quite the character. He was fashioned after Donald Trump – hair and everything! They dressed this prince up in a bright blue velvet suit embroidered with rhinestones. The pink silk tie, boots, Donald Trump hair, and Monopoly money finished off his look.

The whole story is told in an hour with no sets and very few props. Pretty amazing how our imaginations filled in the gaps.



Posted by Phil on Aug 19, 2006 in Phil's Thoughts

OK, let me start out by saying that I’m tired. After a long week at work, I spent my Saturday at my Church migrating the data from one server to another. I remember the last time I did this: it was about 2 years ago and happened in the same week that I went to the Hospital. Today’s migration was a much more enjoyable experience, but it took a long time. No big problems, just a lot of data to move.

HamburgerAnyway, I was watching TV tonight and saw an advertisement for Wendy’s Restaurants. One line in the ad said that “even burgivores get tired of the same old thing.” It was then that I realized that I had been categorized. Again. I’m a white, male, father, brother, son, Protestant, Canadian, geek, sports-nut, Senatorsfan, bookworm, and now burgivore.

I know that I’m a burgivore because I love hamburgers. I like them from fast food restaurants – all of them. I like them cooked on a BBQ. I like them with bacon, ketchup, onions, hot peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, blue cheese dressing, regular cheese slices, mushrooms and pickles. I like them accompanied by fries, onion rings, poutine, potato chips and pop. I like them as singles, doubles and once in a blue moon, triples. I like them square, round, thick and thin. I am a burgivore.

But I don’t like them for breakfast.


School's Starting!

Posted by Cindy on Aug 16, 2006 in Cindy's Thoughts, News

It’s hard to believe that school is less than 3 weeks away! This year there are two major differences. First, Javen will be attending Grade 1 and going to school every day. Second, I got a job teaching art at a school in Barrie and will be there two days out of the week.

Now, just to give you some background information on the situation. I have taught at this school before in the capacity of supply teacher (“substitute” for my American readers). I didn’t teach for 4 years previous. It was a bit nerve wracking stepping into a new situation and a classroom that was not mine. Needless to say I loved teaching the kids art and also whipped the classroom into some organized order. Some of the kids had a tough time with the changes and I can’t blame them. The difference was like night and day.

Anyway, life has gone on and now I am “the” art teacher at the school. It’s great planning my curriculum, working with the teachers, anticipating the kids coming, and setting up my classroom. I’m excited as well as exhausted and nervous. So much yet to be done and so many ideas flying through my head. Step by step I’m getting things done and before I know it the end of the year will be here with lots of memories and pictures to remember the time.


Cindy's Re-decorating

Posted by Phil on Aug 12, 2006 in News

Last night Cindy got a burst of energy and is moving all of our furniture around. Okay, maybe not all of the furniture, but she’s been moving some things from upstairs to the downstairs and from downstairs to the upstairs.

Green Room

The downstairs bedroom that doubles as an office looks a lot different. Cindy has decided to start calling it the “Green Room”. The drapes and bedspread came from the Master Bedroom. Bookshelves are much more numerous in this room, too. Almost enough for us to call it the “Green Office Library Bedroom”.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has a whole new look, too. New drapes, new bedspread and a lot less cluttered. Cindy got the new fabric from a friend. Its a lot lighter, but now we’re noticing none of the wood matches. Anyone care to offer to refinish the pieces for us?


Javen Lost Another Tooth

Posted by Phil on Aug 10, 2006 in News

While eating pizza at his daddy’s birthday party, Javen lost his second tooth. That made it the “specialest” day. Click on the picture below to see more pictures:

Javen loses a tooth!


I Ruined the Surprise

Posted by Phil on Aug 10, 2006 in News, Phil's Thoughts

Today is my birthday. Things started pretty low key. Cindy and the kids wished me “Happy Birthday” and then I was off to work. Two of my brothers sent me Instant Messages saying Happy Birthday. Kevin sent me an e-card.

Just before lunch I was wrapping up some paperwork and headed downstairs to put it in the mail. That’s when I noticed a little blond-haired boy in the staff lunch room. He looked a lot like Javen. It WAS Javen. And there was Cindy, Kendra along with Peggy Yim putting up decorations for a party. My SURPRISE party. See, if they had told me there was going to be a surprise party, I would have stayed in my office.

Anyway, we had a good time of pizza and cake and I got some cool presents from my wishlist. Thanks, Cindy, for getting everything set up. I was surprised. Just at the wrong time. Click on the picture below see even more pictures:

Phil's Birthday


Wesley Acres Summer 2006

Posted by Cindy on Aug 9, 2006 in News

What a week! It’s hard to know just where to begin because so much happened during our short visit.
We left for our trip on Saturday, July 29th. What a nice drive – the weather was great! It’s about a 3 hour trip from Bradford to WA.

Philip’s mom and dad let us use their trailer and they drove into Belleville each night to sleep. I was in charge of “the teenagers.” Philip was only able to stay until Sunday evening because he had to work on Monday.
The weather was super hot for two days. The following evening the forecast was for sever storms. Tornado warnings were even issued. Fortunately we only had a heavy rain that lasted a short time.

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The Kays from Belleville

Posted by Phil on Aug 9, 2006 in Family News

Kevin’s Wait on the 401

Kevin sent me this link. It looks like the picture has changed already, but Kevin was stuck in the traffic jam that resulted from the accident in the news story. Apparently, he saw the motorcycle pass him not too long before the accident.

The Boys Have Email

I recently set up email addresses for both Trevor and Stuart. I think they are both pretty jazzed about it.

Heather’s Good News

Our niece, Heather, has been doing a great job collecting scholarships. She’s heading to Tyndale this fall. She says she is getting excited about heading off to University. Aunt Cindy is excited that Heather is going to be nearby and close enough to drop in and have lunch together.

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Pictures from Wesley Acres

Posted by Phil on Aug 8, 2006 in News

It looks like Cindy is taking a while to post her thoughts on her week at Wesley Acres. So, I am just posting the link to the pictures she took while she was there. Enjoy! Click on the picture below to take you to the album.

Javen Fishing

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