Philip is the best!!!

Posted by Cindy on Sep 25, 2006 in News

I’ve bragged about my husband before, but he really did it this time. Here’s the story.

We returned from church and Philip said, “let’s go for a drive.” Usually I hem and haw, but I think I really wanted a change of scenery. We headed to Toronto to see the CN Tower, or so I thought. I figured we would just drive by like we usually do…or maybe…maybe we would spontaneously go up the CN Tower. Nope. We continued on. Philip seemed to have a destination in mind, but I had no idea. We drove over by the building where he and Trevor had gone to Medieval Times. The smell of the horses prompted me to ask, “I wonder if they get put out to pasture here?” Two seconds later Philip whipped the car into the parking lot and said, “Let’s find out. By the way, this is where we are going.”
Philip, Kendra, and Javen

To say the least I was surprised!!! This was such a great birthday gift for the kids and me! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I can’t explain how special this was except to say that I still smile really big when I think about it. We took lots of pictures. It was pretty dark, so some aren’t easy to see. Also, the action shots are a bit blurry, but you’ll get the idea.


My Boy's Sense of Responsibility

Posted by Phil on Sep 22, 2006 in Family News, Phil's Thoughts

Javen just had his 6th birthday.  He’s in Grade one now.  He is starting to read and knows how to tie his own shoes.  I keep asking him if he is a little boy or a big boy.  He always responds, “Big Boy!”  Last night he confirmed that.

We had just returned from the “meet the teacher” night at Kendra and Javen’s school and Javen and I were the first ones home.  Before he started getting ready for bed he came over to me and asked, “Dad, can I have some money?”  This is a common question, but generally it comes from Kendra, not Javen.  In fact, I had heard it several times that night as the school also had a book fair.

I asked why he wanted the money because he seemed to be pretty serious.  He said, “I need it for when I get older and get a wife.  I will need money for her.”  Now there is a sense of responsibility.  He’s only six, but he’s planning for the future.


Kendra's Birthday Party

Posted by Cindy on Sep 19, 2006 in Family News

Kendra's Birthday PictureKendra had her 6th Birthday Party on Saturday, September 16. She had a lot of fun with the Monkey theme that Mommy made come alive.

All of the girls were issued “Monkey Tails” and given “Monkey Noses”. The Kitchen/Living Room looked like a jungle and background music featured the hits from “The Monkees”.

Everyone played monkey games and got to know Kendra more with a Trivia Game. Instead of cake, everyone got a banana split.

Kendra got lots of great presents and ate lots of junk food.

You can see the pictures in our Photo Album. Make sure you see the picture of a real live monkey in a tree!


Bon Echo and Firefox

Posted by Cindy on Sep 19, 2006 in Phil's Thoughts

Everyone – go check out this post on my Tyndale blog. Cloyne is famous all because of an open source webbrowser.

Get Firefox!


More Kendra room pictures

Posted by Cindy on Sep 12, 2006 in News

Door PlaqueKeeping with the butterflies in Kendra’s new wallpaper border I got busy and started making some art. It was so much fun creating these watercolour butterflies that I may even use them for an art project at KBS. I repainted her door plaque too and with a little paint, some hot glue, wire, paint markers and some butterflies from Dollarama…voila!


I love teaching!!!

Posted by Cindy on Sep 10, 2006 in Cindy's Thoughts

It was in Grade 10 (or 10th Grade for my US readers) that I knew I wanted to be an art teacher. I have been told numerous times that it is rare for someone to know what they want to do with their life at such a young age.

When I was looking into a career choice to decide my future education pursuits I remember my Dad suggesting that I get a degree in elementary education. The rational was I’d be more marketable since there are more opportunities in the work force. I remember saying that I didn’t really want to be a classroom teacher…I wanted to teach art! Read more…


First School Day of the Year

Posted by Phil on Sep 5, 2006 in News

Kendra and Javen Getting Ready Kendra, Javen and Cindy all had big days today. It was the first school day of the year. Kendra is starting Grade Three, Javen starts going to school all-day everyday in Grade One and Cindy is teaching art at KBS. (Read earlier post.)

The day was a little different than we thought. As of now, Kendra and Javen will be spending the week with the teachers they had last year in the classrooms they had last year. We were told that they still haven’t made all of the classroom assignments, yet and they’ll have everything determined by next week. That was a little different, but it made the transition even easier for Javen. He knows his classroom, his class and his teacher and the transition to the new environment will be easy.

You can click here for more pictures.


September 19 is a very special day

Posted by Phil on Sep 4, 2006 in News, Phil's Thoughts

A very special day is coming up on Tuesday, September 19.  Its an annual event that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.  Only a select group know about the importance of this day.  I’ve decided I’ll use this website to help promote it.

This special day – it happens every September 19 – is “Talk Like a Pirate Day”.  You can find out more information at the Official Talk Like a Pirate Day Website.  So, on the 19th warm up your “shivver me timbers” and your “matey’s” so that you won’t be left out.

Oh yeah, and it will also be Cindy’s 35th Birthday.  Argh!!


Our new website

Posted by Phil on Sep 1, 2006 in Phil's Thoughts

Okay, its been up for a while and people seem to like it.  I like that it is really easy to update and post some thoughts.  Even if they are somewhat weird.

I like that Cindy finds it easy to update as well.  I really like seeing her post something new that surprises me.

I like that people are commenting on some of the posts.  It helps me know that people are reading and staying in touch.

I like hamburgers, but I think I mentioned that before.

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