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October 30, 2006

The Snider Family Music for Today

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Since some of the Snider Family is visiting this site, I was wondering if any of the old albums had been converted into a digital format? I’d love to listen to them again, but its getting harder for me to find a tape player that hasn’t been destroyed by a child or a tape that hasn’t been played to death.

If they are available anywhere, let me know. I’d love to get my hands on them.

Uncle Floyd's Funeral

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We didn’t take too many pictures at the funeral, however, you’ll find a few in our Photo Album.

It has been great to see that some people are finding this blog and using it to communicate with us. We’ve changed how we communicate in this “Internet Age”.

As I think about the funeral, there was one thing that I have come to realize: I have a terrific family. I genuinely love getting together with them. All of them. There is no tip-toeing around issues. We all like to get together. We all enjoy each other’s company. Now that I’m older and not really one of the “little guys” anymore it is great to talk and connect with all of the Kay Family. I’m proud to have these people as my relatives.

October 26, 2006

My Role at Tyndale is Changing

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Check out this post from my blog at Tyndale to find out how my role at Tyndale is in transition.

October 24, 2006

Home Reno

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Once again the building bug has hit me. This time I’m redesigning the space in our Master bedroom closet. I’ve also worked on putting the finishing trim on the stairs – woohoo! Check out the pictures.

October 15, 2006

Trip to the Toronto Zoo

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We had yet another trip to the Toronto Zoo. Instead of taking a whole bunch more animal pictures, this time I just took a few of Kendra, Javen and their cousin Riley. Ryan didn’t get much into the pictures. He spent most of the time sleeping in his stroller. Check the pictures out in our Photo Album.

Okay, there is one animal picture, but it was the first time I had ever seen a hippo run.

Belleville Bulls Hockey Game

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Belleville Bulls Hockey Game

On Monday, September 9, Kevin got the whole family to head to Belleville to watch the Belleville Bulls play the Oshawa Generals.

Kevin is now the “face of the Belleville Bulls”. He hosts the games for the local cable TV channel.

It was Kendra and Javen’s first time watching live hockey. They both had a blast and cheered really loud. It must have worked, the Bulls won 6-0. It was great to have pretty much everyone from our family and Kevin’s there. Too bad Adam couldn’t make it. Javen would have loved to have gotten a picture with him at the hockey game. We have some more pictures in our Photo Album.

Javen's Birthday Party

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SpiderWeb PictureOkay, this happened quite a while ago, so its about time we put up the pictures.

Javen had his birthday party on Saturday, September 23 and had a blast with his “Spiderman” theme. Mom had Spiderman figurines all over the place. There were radioactive spiders hanging from the ceiling and one HUGE spiderweb had been built.

Heather visited for the weekend and had her hands full keeping the boys all active. The spider pinata was a big hit and the spider web swing had them flying. (Puns intended.) With the exception of the pinata and from one other little incident no spiders were harmed in the process of this party.

You can check out all the pictures by Clicking Here.

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