Monthly Archiv: November, 2006

Mentos and Diet Coke

Last weekend we decided to try out the Mentos and Diet Coke trick. It took us a couple of attempts. No, not that it didn’t work the first times, the Mentos kept getting eaten before we got the Diet Coke. (We apologize that it was shot sideways.)

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

You can see a larger version of this on GoogleVideo.

Bradford Christmas Parade

Kids at the ParadeOn Saturday, November 18, we watched the Bradford Christmas Parade. The town puts on a great parade and we have lots of fun. Every year it sneaks up on us and we have to rush to get there on time.

By “on time” I mean 45 minutes early. This parade gets a lot of people out to watch it and you can chance not getting a good spot.

By “good spot” I mean on the curb. If you’re on the curb you get a much better view.

By “better view” I mean more people give you more candy. I took some pictures this time.

By “some pictures” I mean I snapped a few poorly lit shots before the batteries ran out less than a 1/3 of the way through the parade. If you’re still interested, you can see the pictures in our Photo Album.

By “Photo Album” I mean our collection of pictures available to you on our website.

Should I or Shouldn't I?

A big question lies before me. Cindy and I started talking about a month ago that the 1998 Ford Escort Wagon was starting to get pretty old and we’d possibly like to get rid of it before it starts costing a lot of money. Well, we waited too long. We just got an estimate over $1000 to make some necessary repairs.

In the meantime, a PT Cruiser has been made available. So the question is: should I or shouldn’t I?

PT CruiserIt’s a 2003, 2.4L Turbo with 85000 kilometres on it. It takes premium gasoline and has lots of get up and go. It has a leather interior, heated seats, sunroof, air conditioning, and power everything. You can see more pictures in our Photo Album. (It hasn’t been washed in a while, so it doesn’t quite gleam like it should.)

Its a tough question. Let me know what you think by posting a comment. By the way, in case you were wondering: Javens vote is YES!

Javen's Big Surprise for Daddy

I had just returned from a two-day trip to Binghamton, NY with the Tyndale Men’s Basketball team where I did the live play by play for the Tyndale Internet Music Station.  The first thing that Javen did was to announce that he had a surprise for me.

First of all he said that he is going to watch hockey with me on TV from now on. That’s a great surprise. I like watching hockey and I’d like to watch it with my family.

Then he said that he wasn’t going to wear any of my “hockey shirts” anymore. He got one of his own. Today he modeled it for me. Imagine my disappointment as a die-hard Senators fan when I saw this:

Javen Toronto Maple Leaf