Monthly Archiv: January, 2007

Niagara Falls

Niagara FallsOn our way to go visit the Langos in Ithaca, NY we decided to drive through Niagara Falls for the fun of it. Then we decided to stop and look at the Falls. The kids had never seen it in person before. It was great except for the overcast skies. Since it was Christmas Day, we didn’t even have to pay for parking. See, even the municipal people in Niagara Falls we’re giving out gifts!

Pictures are in our Photo Album.

Random Pictures

You’ll notice a new feature on the website.  Its the “Random Picture” on the right hand side.  It will feature a picture chosen at random from our Photo Album.  Yes, I know its small.  Its to help those still on dial-up to be able to access the website without having to wait too long.  Yes, I know the link just points to the Photo Albums.  I can’t link right back to the original picture at this point.  Maybe eventually.  In the mean time, please enjoy!