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February 19, 2007

Bob Cates

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Our church (BFMC) hosted juggler Bob Cates. It was a ton of fun to watch him perform. Check out his website. We invited some friends to see the show. Gord and Amanda’s son, Nathan, got to go up on stage and do Dance Dance Revolution with Bob. Totally Cool! Zoe, Toby and Tammy’s daughter, went up on stage and recited John 3:16. Tammy even was the plate tester who ensured that the plates are real dinner plates. Fun was had by all.

February 9, 2007

Farewell Uncle Floyd (re-post)

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(I have reposted this article and deleted all comments. I was getting unusual spam traffic directed at this post for some reason. I hope that deleting the old article and reposting it here will stop that undesirable traffic.)

My Uncle Floyd passed away this week and I’ll be going to the funeral on Saturday. Please pray for grieving family, however, its a time of celebration as well as another faithful servant has been welcomed home. He will definitely be missed.

There is a chance you might know him. My uncle was the patriarch of the “Snider Family” that sang in many Churches and camps particularly in Eastern Ontario in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. While this is a sad time, I’m looking forward to the singing during the service. I think it will be as close to the choirs of the heavenly host as I’ll experience in my time here on earth.

I don’t know if anyone told me this before, but the Snider Family even appeared on the “Tommy Hunter Show” in 1973.

February 6, 2007

I feel like dancing

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Update:  It looks like they take down the old pictures after a while. So our shots aren’t there anymore.  But it you go to this site, you can create your own dance video!

Check this out:

Phil and Cindy Dancing

and this one:

Kendra and Javen Dancing

February 3, 2007

Super Bowl Back on in Churches!

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According to this article, the NFL has restated their position. Since LCD Projectors are now commonly used in homes, they may satisfy the copyright law for viewing on sets intended for home use.

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February 1, 2007

Super Bowl Banned at Church

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It’s been a little while since I posted anything, but then I read this article.  Essentially, the NFL has clamped down on Churches showing the Super Bowl.  First of all, it was against the law to use the words “Super Bowl” in the promotion.  Secondly, it was against the law to charge admission.  When the church promised to not promote that way and to not charge admission prices, the NFL still said no.  You’re only allowed to show the game on TV’s no greater than 55 inches and only one on the property.  The exception is bars where they show sports as a course of regular business.

This seems a little ridiculous to me.  So that makes two ridiculous things about the Super Bowl.  You can’t watch it on the big screen at Church and here in Canada we don’t get to see the cool commercials.  I’m beginning to feel discriminated against.

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