My first GeoCache Hide!

Posted by Phil on Sep 25, 2007 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts

On Saturday after Javen’s birthday party, I hid my first geocache. It is a pretty simple, drive up cache so people will like me because its not too hard and it doesn’t require a lot of walking.

It is really interesting to see who and when people find the cache. I get an email every time someone logs that they found it on the website.


Javen's Birthday Party

Posted by Phil on Sep 25, 2007 in News

Saturday, September 22 was a very loud day.  Javen hosted his birthday party.  With 7 of his friends arriving to have a sports-themed party there was lot of yelling and cheering.

Everyone had a lot of fun playing baseball, soccer baseball, soccer and we wrapped it up with a rousing game of road hockey that ended in a tie. Then it was back to the house where the boys wrestled and generally roughed it up all over the house.

Javen got a big surprise when we went into the backyard to break a pinata. He wasn’t expecting a pinata this year, but his terrific mom came through.  This one didn’t break easily so it ended up being pitched and batted.

Three of Javen’s cousins were here as well.  Adam, Stuart and Trevor played right along with the younger boys and seemed to take great joy in beating 7 year-olds in sports.

After the pinata, everyone had pizza and then Javen opened up his presents.  The day ended with cake and ice cream.  Yeah, after a day of running around everyone needed a shot of sugar to keep the energy up. (Not really, energy seemed to be pretty high throughout the day.)

Pictures are in our Photo Album.


It's Birthday Week!

Posted by Phil on Sep 17, 2007 in Phil's Thoughts

Happy BirthdayYesterday marked the start of the Kay’s Annual Birthday Week. Yes, that’s right, we have a birthday week.

Kendra’s birthday is September 17, Cindy’s birthday is September19 and Javen gets a year older on September 20. (We tried to space them out every other day, but he came a 1/2 hour early.)

The festivities officially began on Sunday with the arrival of Cindy’s parents and a surprise for Cindy. I’ll let Cindy write about the surprise.

Today, Kendra is making her “Famous Pancakes” for us and opening presents early. I like that I have a doctor’s appointment so that I can be here in the morning for all the fun.  I already have pictures up in our Photo Album.


Glasses Update

Posted by Phil on Sep 11, 2007 in Phil's Thoughts

I now have some pictures of Cindy with her new glasses and wearing contacts.  We also have pictures of Kendra and her new glasses.  Make sure to check out our Photo Album.

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