Kids Day in Toronto

Posted by Phil on Oct 27, 2007 in Phil's Thoughts

Trip to TorontoFriday, September 26 was a PA Day for the kids, so I took the day off and we explored Toronto.

It all started off by Cindy dropping us off at the Bradford GO station. The kids had wanted to ride the train for years, so this was our day. This was perhaps the highlight of the day, as both Kendra and Javen got a tremendous kick out of watching a fellow passenger try to sleep.  He kept falling asleep and banging his head and the kids thought that was really funny.

Once we got to Toronto, we wandered around for a little while. That was fun since the kids got a chance to ride on baby elephants.

Then it was time for Dad’s time, so we went to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Kendra and Javen pretended to be TSN personnel. Phil played a broadcaster. Javen tried out the Goalie machine.  He put on the equipment and had Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky fire pucks at him. Javen was the smallest kid to try it, but he stopped all 5 shots! Good going, Jav.

Then we had lunch at an underground McDonald’s and headed out for some geocaching. We picked up 2 of them including 1 by the Rogers Centre.

Cindy joined us for a bit of shopping at the Eaton’s Centre and then we rode the subway back up to the Yorkdale Mall.

Everbody had a good time and be sure to check out our Photo Album for the Pictures.


Good Kids

Posted by Phil on Oct 18, 2007 in Phil's Thoughts

Last night was Parent – Teacher night at Javen and Kendra’s school.

Kendra’s teacher, Mr. Newbatt, said that he “wished he could have a class full of Kendra’s.  She is learning well and is very quiet.  I have no negatives to give you.”

Javen’s teacher, Mrs. Lee, noted that “Javen was  reading ahead of the provincial standard and is good in class.”

Both of them are doing really well and we’re really proud of them.  We celebrated by going to the China Garden for supper afterwards.


YC Newfoundland 2007

Posted by Phil on Oct 8, 2007 in Phil's Thoughts

Signal HillI travelled to St. John’s, NL (that’s Newfoundland and Labrador for those of you outside Canada) to represent Tyndale at YC Newfoundland.  It was  a tremendous experience.

There were around 3500 kids there from all over the province.  They were all really interested in education and specifically Tyndale.  We got a ton of great exposure and had some really great conversations.  Siobhan, an Admissions Counselor did a terrific job connecting with people and telling them about our school.

I got a little sight-seeing in.  Mostly through geocaching, but we also did get a chance to run up to Signal Hill, thanks to Gary (an admissions counselor for a rival university).  Make sure you check out the Photo Album.

There was a lot of great music including Sonicflood, Manafest, Krystal Meyers, Geoff Moore, Salvador and others.  We got to ride on the same plane with Manafest on the way out and we came back with speaker David Nassar.


Server Upgrade

Posted by Phil on Oct 8, 2007 in Phil's Thoughts

For those of you that frequent my websites, I have finally upgraded my server.  That will make viewing the photos faster and a better overall experience.

For those interested, I used to run a Pentium II 450 with 1 GB of ram.  It was a great server, but had been retired by Tyndale several years ago due to lack of processing power.  It has served me well, but recent software upgrades have started to show that it maybe a newer server would operate faster.

The new server is an AMD 64-bit dual core machine with 2 GB of ram.  Its really nice.  Another side benefit is that this new machine is a LOT smaller, quieter and generates a LOT less heat and uses a LOT less power.  So its wins all around.


200th Find

Posted by Cindy on Oct 4, 2007 in Cindy's Thoughts, Geocaching

It was a dark and stormy night. Oops, that’s the start of my other novel. Actually it was a very pleasant evening. The five of us set out…five you say? Yes, five…now quite interrupting….I’m writing. Amy, Kendra’s friend made our fifth…there… is your curiosity satisfied?

Actually I need to start this whole story about 4 days ago. It was Sunday. We had to get 15 finds to reach our goal of 200. Philip has said that he wants to reach 200 by December. I’m the psycho geocacher now and said…let’s try to do it before October. That would mean 15 finds in one day!!! We started our adventure later than usual setting out after second service. We stopped for lunch and then started running. We Geocached for 7 hours…walked close to 4000 metres….and found 13 caches. I tried to get our 14th but it was just too dark and it was a micro! We got back in the car and decided that we had done quite enough. We wouldn’t reach the goal, but we sure gave our best. With two caches short of 200 we headed home.

Back to “The five of us.” Kendra had Amy over for a visit. We wanted to reach 200 as a family. Philip gets home pretty late from work and by the time we have dinner there isn’t much daylight left to cache. Knowing this, I stopped and picked up a cache in Barrie. Now we would only have to find one. After mac-n-cheese and hotdogs we headed south on the 400. There at Hwy 9 and 400 Kendra pulled the 200th cache from it’s hiding spot. We took pictures. It’s so nice having an activity both Philip and I and the kids enjoy doing. Family time, the challenge, technology, exercise, and the great outdoors!


Austin, Texas

Posted by Phil on Oct 2, 2007 in Phil's Thoughts

This past weekend I attended the Annual Conference for College Admissions Counselors in Austin, Texas. I learned a lot including how big a business College Admissions is in the US. There are companies that prepare high schoolers to take tests. How to apply to College. There are independent consultants that parents hire in order to get their kids into the ‘right school’. A lot of money was represented at this conference. There were nearly 5500 registrants.

On a fun note, both Andy Smith and I were able to get and pick up a few geocaches during our downtime. You can see the pictures in the photo album. There were also quite a few that we didn’t find. But urban geocaching can be like that. They are really clever at hiding them so that the muggles don’t mess with the caches. Andy has some more pictures of Austin and geocaching in his flickr. I just remembered one more picture that Andy took.

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