There's a Mouse in my House!!!

Posted by Cindy on Nov 26, 2007 in News

Well actually not a mouse…a shrew!!!  Here’s the story.  I was tidying up the downstairs coat closet, hanging up Javen’s snowpants that had fallen off of the hook.  I stepped back and felt something under my foot.  I stepped again in that  freaked out manner and felt something again under my foot.  Then I saw it!!!!  We had just recently caught a mouse and so I thought it was his buddy.  There huddling near the boots was a little dark furred critter.  I called to Philip and asked him to bring me a container to trap the critter.  Right away I knew it wasn’t a mouse.  The fur was too dark and the tail too short.  To make a long story short, I caught the shrew, we woke up the kids to show them, and Michelle from next door and I took it to Scanlon Creek to set it free.

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