500th Geocache!

Posted by Phil on Apr 6, 2008 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts

500th GeocacheToday we hit a big milestone in geocaching terms. Number D. (That’s Latin for 500.)

As we were approaching this we started thinking about what cache would make a good #500. We chose the 2nd oldest cache in Ontario. Its called “Bending Tree” and is about 20 minutes north of Barrie, ON. We chose it because it wasn’t that far away. It would take a bit of hike to get into it. Its old (as far as geocaches go).

We really earned this cache. It was a 1.25 km hike through the snow. Lots of the time we could walk on top of the snow, but frequently we broke through the top crust and found ourselves up to our knees in wet snow. Okay, I’ll admit that I found this pretty funny. But Cindy, Kendra and Javen tired of it after a while.

Kendra found the actual cache itself. We released a couple of travel bugs that are going to race to Dublin, California. With Travel Bugs, other geocachers will pick up these little items and move them from cache to cache and we get to watch where they go.

I really enjoyed the hike in the woods, the memories of the snow and ice and warming ourselves on a picnic bench about halfway back. It could have been easier if we did this later in the year when all the snow was gone, but it really helped to make it more memorable.

Pictures as always, are available in our Photo Albums.

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