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December 3, 2008

New Photos

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I have added the pictures form my most recent trip.  You see pictures from Vennard College and Oskaloosa, IA. You’ll also see Parkersburg, WV and several geocaching pics.  Hood College will also be featured.  Lots of stuff really.  Check out the Photo Gallery.

December 1, 2008

Caching Spree

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Okay, I should write a ton more than I am about to, but I hope to get back to it soon.  But anyways, the Filk Team recently went on a caching spree. We set the following personal records:

Hit 1000 Caches – #1000 came on the Vennard College campus in Oskaloosa, IA

Hit 1100 Caches – #1100 came just north of Ithaca, NY

Most caches in a month – 179 (our previous best was 112)

Most caches in a week – 111 (our previous best was 53)

Fastest 100 finds – 6 days (our previous best was 18 days)

Most finds in a day – 23 (our previous best was 21)

We added 11 states to our list of “states we have cached in.”

Here is the before picture:

States we cached in before Nov 2008

And now here is the map as of today:

States we have cached in through Nov 2008

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