Monthly Archiv: February, 2009

Ottawa Trip

A little while ago we decided to visit Ottawa for the weekend.  It was a great trip. We did a lot.

We geocached. Of course.

We toured the Parliament Buildings.

We stayed up late because the kids hockey team and their parents were really loud.

We stayed in Gatineau and remembered we know little French.

We slid on ice slides during Winterlude.

We saw cool ice sculptures.

We had a great time.

We ate beaver tails. Of course.

We took lots of pictures.


We’ve decided to finally go back and digitize some of our old home movies. So we pulled out the old vcr and plugged in some tapes and began creating digital copies of them.

Its a lot of fun to go back and watch these videos. So far we’ve watched a lot of Kendra movies. We watched some of Cindy as she gave a tour of RWC. We haven’t watched any of Javen or Phil, yet.

Once we get them edited, we’ll try to post some excerpts here for all to watch.