Pics from a while ago

Posted by Phil on Apr 13, 2009 in News

Dave sent me some pictures a while ago and I’m just getting them online now. There are pictures of Olivia and the rest of Dave’s family. Check them out here.


New Pictures in the Photo Album

Posted by Phil on Apr 13, 2009 in News

On Saturday we had quite a day. First of all we headed to Belleville and had to stop at the Big Apple. I like the apple pie.

Then, later on, we had the whole Kay family together for a family reunion of sorts. We’re sad that the reason was Patty’s Grandma May passed away, but we were really glad to get together to celebrate Dave’s birthday. It was the first time everyone was together for a very long time. For some it was the first time seeing everyone. There will be more pictures to add, but we can start with these.

A few days before all that excitement, we had done some geocaching around. Cindy nearly killed us driving off the road suddenly. Fortunately, we survived.


Patty Goes Sledding

Posted by Cindy on Apr 8, 2009 in News


Snow is a new experience for Patty, our host student from Mexico.  It was so amazing to have 6 inches fall at this time of the year while she was visiting with us.  With snow comes sledding.  We headed out Tuesday evening with about an hour of daylight left, the wind whistling, and sleds in hand.  The snow on the hill was still fresh, so we had to take a few runs down to get it packed.  What fun!  There was much laughing and “woo-hoo-ing” going on.  We forgot to take the camera on the first trip, so on Thursday we headed to the hill again…this time a little earlier and with camera in hand.


Geocaching with our guests from Mexico

Posted by Phil on Apr 5, 2009 in Geocaching

Today was such a beautiful day so we decided to go geocaching. We wanted to get some in before the snow starts tomorrow. Ugh. Anyway, it was a pretty good day except the mud. Smart people would have worn boots. Well, at least smart people would have put on the boots that they brought with them. Not so smart people would bring boots and leave them in the van.

We had Patti and Ale visiting us from Mexico so we took them out by the Humber river for geocaching. It was a nice hike, even though we only picked up about 3 caches. We also got to go near the McMichael Art Gallery and saw an inukshuk. Later on we spotted a dead coyote near our parking spot. Quite a variance in views.

Pictures are in the Photo Album.


Zoo and Geocache #1300

Posted by Phil on Apr 5, 2009 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts

Yesterday, the girls decided they wanted to go shopping. So Javen and I made it a guys day out. We went to the Toronto Zoo and geocached. Eric, a coworker of Phil is a volunteer at the zoo and was an excellent resource. He has tons of fascinating zoo stories.

We also picked up our 1300th geocache near the Rouge River. It was very cool.

All the pictures are in our Photo Album.


Not enough updates

Posted by Phil on Apr 3, 2009 in News

Okay, so I haven’t posted anything here in a while. Lots has happened. I will post again this weekend with all the details. (There’s a promise I am probably going to break.) But stay tuned anyway.

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