Our Trip to California (Part Three) – Boomers

Yesterday we were all sitting around in the hotel room wondering what to do. Nothing had been planned except for a trip for Philip to Frys. (I’m sure he’ll write about that later.) Wanting something active for the kids to do led me to think along the lines of batting cages and miniature golf. A quick search of the yellow pages didn’t help, so I called my brother-in-law, David. He knew exactly where we should go. Long story short, Breanna took us with her newly acquired license to Boomers. Boomers is a family fun place with: Go Karts, 2 Mini Golf Courses, Bumper Boats, Laser Tag, and a TON of arcade games! I got to experience some fun I’ve never had before. I really loved the Bumper Boats and Laser tag. Kendra liked the Bumper Boats and Go Karts. Javen liked the Bumper Boats and Go Karts and the games.

Kendra thought that I should explain what the Bumper Boats are. I think that is a good idea since we all liked it. Bumper Boats are huge inner tubes with built in seats and a motor/squirter controller. The boats were floating in a circular three feet deep pool. At the center of the pool is a fountain. The object of Bumper Boats, motor around and squirt as many people as you can. The first time we road the boats we got kinda wet, but the second time we were drenched!

The arcade games were the type that you would win tickets. The tickets could then be traded in for prizes. There was this neat ticket counting machine. Some kids would put in a LONG strip of tickets they had won and the machine would start sucking in the tickets rapidly.

We all had fun and were glad when Philip was able to join us for a round of Mini golf.

As usual, the pictures are in our Photo Album.

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  1. bev says:

    The bumper boats sound like a lot of fun!!

    I wish I could of been there to get Javen and Kendra!

    Aunt Bev

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