200th Find

Posted by Cindy on Oct 4, 2007 in Cindy's Thoughts, Geocaching |

It was a dark and stormy night. Oops, that’s the start of my other novel. Actually it was a very pleasant evening. The five of us set out…five you say? Yes, five…now quite interrupting….I’m writing. Amy, Kendra’s friend made our fifth…there… is your curiosity satisfied?

Actually I need to start this whole story about 4 days ago. It was Sunday. We had to get 15 finds to reach our goal of 200. Philip has said that he wants to reach 200 by December. I’m the psycho geocacher now and said…let’s try to do it before October. That would mean 15 finds in one day!!! We started our adventure later than usual setting out after second service. We stopped for lunch and then started running. We Geocached for 7 hours…walked close to 4000 metres….and found 13 caches. I tried to get our 14th but it was just too dark and it was a micro! We got back in the car and decided that we had done quite enough. We wouldn’t reach the goal, but we sure gave our best. With two caches short of 200 we headed home.

Back to “The five of us.” Kendra had Amy over for a visit. We wanted to reach 200 as a family. Philip gets home pretty late from work and by the time we have dinner there isn’t much daylight left to cache. Knowing this, I stopped and picked up a cache in Barrie. Now we would only have to find one. After mac-n-cheese and hotdogs we headed south on the 400. There at Hwy 9 and 400 Kendra pulled the 200th cache from it’s hiding spot. We took pictures. It’s so nice having an activity both Philip and I and the kids enjoy doing. Family time, the challenge, technology, exercise, and the great outdoors!


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