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Signal HillI travelled to St. John’s, NL (that’s Newfoundland and Labrador for those of you outside Canada) to represent Tyndale at YC Newfoundland.  It was  a tremendous experience.

There were around 3500 kids there from all over the province.  They were all really interested in education and specifically Tyndale.  We got a ton of great exposure and had some really great conversations.  Siobhan, an Admissions Counselor did a terrific job connecting with people and telling them about our school.

I got a little sight-seeing in.  Mostly through geocaching, but we also did get a chance to run up to Signal Hill, thanks to Gary (an admissions counselor for a rival university).  Make sure you check out the Photo Album.

There was a lot of great music including Sonicflood, Manafest, Krystal Meyers, Geoff Moore, Salvador and others.  We got to ride on the same plane with Manafest on the way out and we came back with speaker David Nassar.

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Jan 23, 2008 at 2:12 pm

I too did the YC 2007 @ St. John’s. I actually went as a Youth Leader from Corner Brook, NL and we had a such a fun and amazing time that we are already into fundraising for YC 2008, got out accommodations booked and fired up for more at Gander, NL this year! I am still in awe to witness thousands of youth who are so eager to come together in one accord to worship our Lord and sing & shout praises on His name. Thank God for his power and for his annointing over this wonderful conference. What a spiritual experience! You were so blessed to ride in the same plane as Manifest and David Nassar (my daughter would melt) Glad to hear you got some sightseeing in. St. John’s has so much character and even though I am a Newfoundlander I love to visit the east coast for it unique scenery and those St. John’s hills and rows & rows of multi-colored attached houses.



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