A Day in our life in Gilford

October 17, 2009 was a good day. I decided to take some time and look around at the surroundings at our new house. I enjoyed some hot cider and the view out our front window to start the day. I picked up Kendra after she had a sleepover at a new friend’s birthday party. We enjoyed our backyard and sunroom. I baked bread in our breadmaker for the first time in a very long time. And we capped the day off with a bike ride to go see the sunset. You can see the pictures in the Photo Album.

This move has been an interesting one. It wasn’t a big move. But the kids do go to a new school. Its wasn’t that far, but I find that I am taking new routes during my commute. We didn’t change much, but we have picked up a permanent visitor. (Adam, my nephew has found work around here and moved in.)

All in all, we’ve really enjoyed the new situation. We play pool. The kids love their new school. I find myself enjoying the simpler things. I can’t wait until the summer when we can swim in our own pool. I’m not looking forward to the extra yard work or pool maintenance.

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