Good news for Cindy


With a big sigh of relief and a huge prayer of thanks, we’ve made it through this day. Cindy spent a long time with the cardiologist and he said that all of the tests they have been running have been coming back good. The only bad results are the chest pains, the EKG and the blood test from yesterday. So the cardiologist is beginning to believe that this is merely a virus that has landed in her heart and causing these symptoms. The virus will clear up by itself and she’ll be as good as new.

They are going to monitor her for another night and if the pains continue, they will do a cardiogram to rule out any blockages.So we’re pretty happy with this news. While we’re not out of the woods, yet, at least the news is mostly positive. This has had a great effect on Cindy. She had a lot more energy this evening and I believe will get a good night’s sleep. If all goes well, its possible she may be discharged tomorrow.

Cindy’s family doctor stopped in while the kids and I were there and she raved about the cardiology department at the hospital Cindy is in. The Doctor said this might be one of the best cardio hospitals in Canada. Again, that helps us feel good about making it through this.

I want to thank everyone everywhere for all their prayers and well wishes. It has truly been appreciated.

Stay tuned for even more details.


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