Thursday afternoon Cindy update

Posted by Phil on Jan 7, 2010 in Family News, Phil's Thoughts |

I was finally in the room when I doctor came by so I could hear the situation in first person. He was very professional and encouraging.

Cindy is in kind of waiting state right now. The ultrasounds show that her heart is operating normally. Her EKG and blood pressure seem to be doing a lot better as well. She said that she hasn’t really felt any pain today and we’re glad for that. However, the blood test shows that there is a higher level than normal of dead heart cells. He said average was around 0.15 and that heart attack patients register in the 30’s and Cindy has a reading around 1 or 1.5. If that number came down, she would be home now.

They are planning on doing an angiogram to see for themselves if the heart is doing well. If so, then she goes home. Cindy has been on-call for the angiogram since this morning. However, other sicker people keeping jumping ahead of her in the line. (Of course that’s not literal. The people in the cardiac ward rarely doing any jumping.) I’ve watched other people come in and get moved quickly to surgery. I’ve seen others get discharged before Cindy. It seems that we just have to wait until we get the results of an angiogram. Until that happens, she’ll be staying in the hospital.

She is working on crossword puzzles and I just gave her a sudoku book. And a pencil. With an eraser. Prior to getting that she was doing everything with a crayon. That’s courage – no erasing.

Anyway, here’s hoping that she gets in for the angiogram soon and that everything checks out okay.

Thanks again for all your prayers. If you want to send Cindy a message, you can fill out the form at and someone prints out the email and delivers it to her room. She got one today and really enjoyed it.


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