Thursday evening update on Cindy

Posted by Phil on Jan 7, 2010 in Family News, Phil's Thoughts |

Cindy had her angiogram this evening. We are so glad to finally get this test done. We still haven’t talked to a Doctor, but the nurse in the recovery room gave us the low-down on the results. There is a blockage of a minor artery (3rd diagonal if I remember correctly) that is significant. However, due to the minor nature of the artery, there will probably not be any surgery to take care of it. There is another minor blockage in a larger artery, but it too is not something overly concerning. According to the nurse, probably 70% of the population has blockages similar but they don’t know it.

We expect that treatment will at most include medication and at least a change in exercise and healthier food choices. They have also said she’ll have to take it easy for the next little while. They didn’t really define that at this point, that decision will be left up more to the Doctor.

We’re really relieved that it isn’t more serious. We’re also glad we know what we’re dealing with. That makes it easier to figure out what happens next. She’s going to spend at least tonight in the hospital. They probably would have released her tonight but the angiogram happened too late to let her out. Of course, her discharge is really up to the doctor, but the nurse expected she’ll be out tomorrow. We’ll see.


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