My Tribute to Deano

Posted by Phil on Jan 31, 2010 in Phil's Thoughts |

DeanoI have just heard some very sad and shocking news. A really good friend of mine, Dean Lambdin passed away this morning. Dean is just a few years older than I and leaves behind his wife and two daughters.

I have a lot to say about Dean. A ton of memories come flooding back. How Dean would come pick me up early on Saturday mornings in his beat up old Ford truck and we’d go on a garbage run. How those garbage runs always ended up back at McDonald’s for a Steak, Egg and Cheese Bagel. The late nights we spent playing video games in the Vennard College computer lab. The massive game of NHL 97 we played with 8 controllers hooked up to 2 computers and projected on a screen. (Yeah, that’s right, I said 1997 or so. Dean and I were both techie-types.) Dean was always great for a laugh and had a huge heart for people.

Dean is one of the reasons why I have stayed in Christian Higher Education. He followed a long route to Bible College, but followed God’s Will for training even when it seemed to make little sense. He was older than some of the other students (younger than some), but he equally fit in with all crowds.  He worked hard on his studies. He took it seriously. I was proud of him. I was glad that I was able to drive back to Iowa to see him graduate!

I’ll miss Dean. I’ll miss getting the chance to talk him down out of whatever tree he had climbed into. I’ll miss how he used to help keep things in perspective for me. He always showed me that while things are serious, its never too serious that a bit of work and some laughter and you can get through it. He also taught me by his example that when God calls you, you have to follow through on it.

Deano, I’ll even miss the kielbasa and sauerkraut that you would bring to potluck dinners just to stink up the place.


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