Weekend Caching

Posted by Phil on Apr 20, 2010 in Geocaching, Phil's Thoughts |

I have gone weekend caching with some friends. It has been quite an experience and RCA777 commemorated it with the description forĀ GC26KHV Be Quiet, Silly Donkey in the following way:

1 x Exploded Port-a-Potty (see Mr Filk and Juicepig for details)
1 x Tailbone bruising along Swift Rapids Road for Mr. Filk
1 x Not-So Savage Puppy Running Interference for Juicepig
1 x Abandoned And Smoldering Chevrolet Blazer (seriously, it was a Blazer)
0 x Bodies
1 x Juicepig “stuck” at “Only A Single Body Found While Caching” which is a good thing
1 x Called The Police While Caching
2 x Savage Dogs barking at Juicepig
1 x Waymark of a Canadian Geodetic Survey Marker
1 x Police Report
1 x Meet Fingers Crossed On The Road!
4 x Get Up At Stupid O’Clock To Go Caching
1 x Juicepig answering Homeland Security questions perfectly
1 x Juicepig, Swifteroo, Mr Filk being detained while RCA777 gets his fingerprints taken by Homeland Security. Again….
1 x RCA777 paying $6 to get into the U.S. Again….
1 x RCA777 asked by Homeland Security Officer… “The Red Car.. The License Plate…. What’s A -Juicepig-?
12 x Earthcaches
1 x Awesome Super Mega Cool Fabulous Stupendous Flame Behind A Waterfall
8 x Wet Feet
1 x Mr Filk Almost Swimming
3 x Others Chuckling
1 x Trip To The Home Of THE Buffalo Wing
50 x Wings Ordered
440 x Steps Leading Down To An Earthcache
4,400,400 x Steps Getting Back Up From The Earthcache
1 x Uninhabitable Area Due To Chemical Seepage Earthcache
1 x Discovery That You Can Build Your Own Earthcache; All You Need Is A Big Yellow Digger!
1 x Stopped By The Police While Caching
1 x Juicepig self deprecation attempt
1 x Explanation E-Mail To Webcam Cache Owner
1 x Juicepig Qualification For An FTF Challenge Cache
1 x Canada Border Patrol Question
1 x Juicepig Momentary Hearing Loss
1 x Juicepig Answering A Question That CBP Has Not Yet Asked In Lieu Of The Question That Was Asked
1 x CBP Lady With A Gun Gets Assertive
1 x Juicepig Eloquently Answers All Remaining Questions
0 x Anything To Declare
1 x Juicepig, Swifteroo,Mr Filk and RCA777 being allowed back into Canada anyway
4 x Squealing Tires Before They Change Their Mind
1 x GSAK session trying to determine which Letterbox none of us have done
9 x Caching icons in a day (Benchmark, Wherigo, Webcam, Virtual, Earthcache, Trad, Mystery, Letterbox, Multi)
1 x Realization That There Is An Event That Would Be The 10th Icon, But It’s Unlikely They’ll Be There At 11pm…
3 x Understanding Spouses
4 x Happy and Tired Cachers

Yes, that about sums it up. Pictures are HERE and HERE.


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