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  1. […] By “some pictures” I mean I snapped a few poorly lit shots before the batteries ran out less than a 1/3 of the way through the parade. If you’re still interested, you can see the pictures in our Photo Album. […]

  2. […] took a few pictures when we went geocaching. You can check them out in our Photo Gallery. These were from our second day. We took some friends along with us as […]

  3. […] Eddie from jumping up on Javen’s lap so that he could look out the window better.  Here is a picture to capture the […]

  4. […] Pictures are available in our Photo Album. […]

  5. […] As usual, the pictures are in our Photo Album. […]

  6. […] try to skate on the rink. We then bought a couple trinkets at the gift shop and got our picture taken by the […]

  7. […] I now have some pictures of Cindy with her new glasses and wearing contacts.  We also have pictures of Kendra and her new glasses.  Make sure to check out our Photo Album. […]

  8. […] Today, Kendra is making her “Famous Pancakes” for us and opening presents early. I like that I have a doctor’s appointment so that I can be here in the morning for all the fun.  I already have pictures up in our Photo Album. […]

  9. […] Pictures are in our Photo Album. […]

  10. […] the 400. There at Hwy 9 and 400 Kendra pulled the 200th cache from it’s hiding spot. We took pictures. It’s so nice having an activity both Philip and I and the kids enjoy doing. Family time, the […]

  11. […] I got a little sight-seeing in.  Mostly through geocaching, but we also did get a chance to run up to Signal Hill, thanks to Gary (an admissions counselor for a rival university).  Make sure you check out the Photo Album. […]

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