I Ruined the Surprise

Today is my birthday. Things started pretty low key. Cindy and the kids wished me “Happy Birthday” and then I was off to work. Two of my brothers sent me Instant Messages saying Happy Birthday. Kevin sent me an e-card.

Just before lunch I was wrapping up some paperwork and headed downstairs to put it in the mail. That’s when I noticed a little blond-haired boy in the staff lunch room. He looked a lot like Javen. It WAS Javen. And there was Cindy, Kendra along with Peggy Yim putting up decorations for a party. My SURPRISE party. See, if they had told me there was going to be a surprise party, I would have stayed in my office.

Anyway, we had a good time of pizza and cake and I got some cool presents from my wishlist. Thanks, Cindy, for getting everything set up. I was surprised. Just at the wrong time. Click on the picture below see even more pictures:

Phil's Birthday

Wesley Acres Summer 2006

What a week! It’s hard to know just where to begin because so much happened during our short visit.
We left for our trip on Saturday, July 29th. What a nice drive – the weather was great! It’s about a 3 hour trip from Bradford to WA.

Philip’s mom and dad let us use their trailer and they drove into Belleville each night to sleep. I was in charge of “the teenagers.” Philip was only able to stay until Sunday evening because he had to work on Monday.
The weather was super hot for two days. The following evening the forecast was for sever storms. Tornado warnings were even issued. Fortunately we only had a heavy rain that lasted a short time.


The Kays from Belleville

Kevin’s Wait on the 401

Kevin sent me this link. It looks like the picture has changed already, but Kevin was stuck in the traffic jam that resulted from the accident in the news story. Apparently, he saw the motorcycle pass him not too long before the accident.

The Boys Have Email

I recently set up email addresses for both Trevor and Stuart. I think they are both pretty jazzed about it.

Heather’s Good News

Our niece, Heather, has been doing a great job collecting scholarships. She’s heading to Tyndale this fall. She says she is getting excited about heading off to University. Aunt Cindy is excited that Heather is going to be nearby and close enough to drop in and have lunch together.


11 Years Today!

Cindy and I have been married for 11 years today. Its a special year for us, I think. I believe that this is year that we have finally spent more anniversaries together rather than being separated by geography. Here is a summary of the first few anniversaries:

  • 1st Anniversary – Phil had to work in Long Island while Cindy was in Perry, NY
  • 2nd Anniversary – Phil moved to Iowa while Cindy finished up her teaching and stayed in NY doing graduate work
  • 3rd Anniversary – Cindy went back to NY to finish graduate work
  • 4th Anniversary – Cindy was visiting her parents in NY while Phil stayed in Iowa
  • 5th Anniversary – I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I think we were apart on this day, too.

None of these were “separations” like sometimes portrayed on TV. It was just circumstances that had us several hundred miles apart on the anniversary of our Wedding Day. I just thought I’d share this with you.


My lovely wife has a better memory than I do.  This isn’t as big a year as I thought.  We were actually together on our 5th anniversary.  We went to Des Moines.  I think we watched a movie.

Butterfly Bunk Bedroom

Kendra and Javen switched rooms! Kendra is now sleeping in a raised bunk. She loves her new bed and there is actually quite alot of room to move around. We’re replaced the fishing teddy bear border with a new flower/butterfly border. Check out the pictures of Kendra’s new room. We’ll show you Javen’s room after the transformation has taken place. Click here for more pictures of Kendra’s room.

Kendra by desk

First Post

I’ve decided to change our website again. I liked the look of the one we had, but it made it hard to put new information in. So, now we have a blog. Yep, we’ve joined the internet revolution of a couple years ago. But we should be able to put new information up faster now.