Phil and Cindy’s New House

Posted by Phil on Oct 14, 2009 in Phil's Thoughts

Okay, some pictures of our new house are available in the Moving Day gallery, but Cindy went out to take a few more pictures today. Okay, really she just wanted to test out a new camera she just got. See the pictures in the Photo Album.

There is also a video walking tour of our house. I apologize in advance for the bad commentary and camera work. I did it on the spur of the moment using my phone as a video camera.

Oh, and if you have checked out any of the recent albums published, check back in on them again as I have added new pics to all of them.


Brian and Amy’s New House

Posted by Phil on Oct 13, 2009 in Family News

Brian has been doing a major reno on his house. We stopped by this past weekend and took some pics to document the development. Check them out in the Photo Album.


Thanksgiving Trip

Posted by Phil on Oct 12, 2009 in Phil's Thoughts

As we celebrated our first Thanksgiving this year (I love having American family so that I get Turkey Day twice every year) we traveled first to Wesley Acres and then on to Cloyne.

It was a beautiful weekend for driving and we had a really good time with family. I know I ate way too much, but can you really turn down raspberry pie? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

We have pictures in the photo album for you to check out.


New Pictures in Gallery

Posted by Phil on Oct 7, 2009 in Family News, Phil's Thoughts

Okay, so its been longer than I planned, but I now have a few more pictures up in our gallery.

You can see pictures of our old house in Bradford and our new house in Gilford as we moved on September, 18, 2009. Click for album.

You can also see pictures of Javen’s birthday dinner at Montana’s. He loved the hat. See pictures.

I hope you enjoy them.


Our New Home

Posted by Phil on Sep 25, 2009 in Phil's Thoughts

Okay, I’ll bet you were thinking this post was going to be about the new house we moved into. But no, this one is about a new webhost for thekays.ca The internet service that I currently have at the house won’t allow inbound connections, so that means no webservers. So I moved thekays.ca to a new webhost.

Please be patient as not everything has moved, yet. If you find problems, let me know.

Pictures of our new real house after things get a little more sorted out.


Moving…a reflection

Posted by Cindy on Aug 31, 2009 in News

September 18th is the BIG day for the Philip and Cindy Kay family.  It’s the day we move from our beloved house of 8+ years  and transport all of our belonging to a new house.

As the day draws near I can’t help but begin experiencing a variety of feelings.  The first being based on the though of…I can’t wait to get there!  I’ve started getting agitated over things about the house and location that never really bothered me before.  I just accepted them because… well…this was home.  For example.  Read more…


Loads of new pics

Posted by Phil on Aug 29, 2009 in Phil's Thoughts

I was looking at my sdcard recently and noticed I had a ton of pictures that I hadn’t put up on the server, yet. So here they are:

Allan & Donna Kay’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Cloyne’s 150th Anniversary

Wesley Acres

I think that’s all I have. I know Cindy has more. We’ll see how long it takes to get those posted.


eMail Change

Posted by Phil on Aug 29, 2009 in News


I am changing stuff for email. The link at the top should work, but if you have problems, let me know.



Allan & Donna Kay's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Posted by Phil on Jul 6, 2009 in News

The details for Allan & Donna Kay’s 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration are available here.

We’d like to know how many are attending so we can adequately plan. Fill out the form on the webpage, email anniversary@thekays.ca or log a will attend on the Facebook page.


Kendra competes in track and field

Posted by Phil on Jun 3, 2009 in News

Today Kendra competed in the “Areas” track and field competition. That means that she did well enough at her school competition to go on to take on kids from other schools.

She participated in the 400m, the ball throw and the triple jump. She did very well. Check out the pictures in the photo album.

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